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Adjustable Quad Cane Small Base

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Adjustable Quad Cane Small Base
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Adjustable Quad Cane Small Base from ABC Mobility

The Quad Cane is made from durable lightweight anodised aluminium tube for the upper part with chrome plated steel to the lower part where the strength is required.

The comfortable swan necked handle is centred above the shaft to keep the users weight directly over the base. 11 adjustments in length from 27 to 37 (69cm to 94cm) in 1 increments. The sprung button locks the cane at the required height, and the plastic bezel helps to reduce the `click-clack` during use. The four feet help to ensure the best possible weight distribution and stability for the user.

- The feet form a 5 by 5 square box, providing support and confidence for the user.
- The ferrules are 5/8 (16mm).
- Maximum user weight 18 Stone (115kg).
- Item weight 750g.

These walking sticks are made by Kozee Komfort, see more walking sticks.

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Adjustable Quad Cane Small Base from ABC Mobility - Mobility Aids in Birmingham