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Adult Martex Limb Protectors

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Adult Martex Limb Protectors
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Adult Martex Limb Protectors from ABC Mobility

The Martex `Nice-N-Dri` range of Limb protectors offer a reusable waterproof cover for feet, legs and arms. They are not only for plaster casts, but also for can be used for bandages, surgical dressings, cuts and scratches, burns and helping to prevent the spread of many skin conditions. They will also prevent the risk of further infection to open wounds. They are produced from a special material that is resistant to abrasion and punctures. The material will stretch to allow it to pass over the bandage or cast, and then shrink back to within a few centimetres to form a seal around the limb, time and time again.

We all know the health benefits that follow from gentle exercise, and if that exercise is taken in a swimming pool, it is often easier and less strenuous. We all need to maintain our personal hygiene regime. The use of these cast protectors ensures that when swimming, bathing or showering, the protected area will remain dry. We offer two different sizes in a range of limb options.

Available sizes:

MLPA-1 Half Arm Large (length 54cm circumference 22cm).
MLPA-2 Full Arm Large (length 80cm circumference 26cm).
MLPA-3 Half Leg Large (length 64cm circumference 32cm).
MLPA-4 Full Leg Large (length 112cm circumference 47cm).

Comes in a variety of sizes's including:
54cm, 22cm, 80cm, 26cm, 64cm, 32cm, 112cm, 47cm.

These bathing accessories are made by Kozee Komfort, see more bathing accessories.

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Adult Martex Limb Protectors from ABC Mobility - Mobility Aids in Birmingham