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BeatPower from ABC Mobility

The benefits of Crystal Control Technology©:
1) Batteries do not have to be charged as often as batteries that have not been treated
with Crystal Control Technology© (>300% more capacity measured at the end of the lifespan of
the battery).
2) Batteries do not have to be replaced as often as batteries that have not been treated
with Crystal Control Technology© (>100% and more increased lifespan).
Technology products for lead-acid batteries
Beat Power, for standard 12V lead-acid battery applications (5Ah to 200 Ah), and for typical use in
electric scooters and wheelchairs, electric lifts/work platforms, smaller forklift trucks, agricultural
machines & equipment, electric traffic lights, back up and power storage systems, golf carts and
smaller electrical vehicles. The Beat Power is an accessory unit attachable to the battery terminals.
The device is equipped with a microprocessor that automatically generates and modulates the electric
field in order to optimise the service life of the battery.

BeatPower Product Information
BeatPower’s Crystal Control Technology© products alter the molecular structure of crystals within
liquids, thus having the capacity to prevent and / or dismantle crystals and crystal structures that
form in lead-acid / AGM batteries, thus enhancing the performance and extending the life of lead-acid /
AGM batteries.
Crystal Control Technology’s© disruptive technology deploys static and dynamic electrical fields;
exploiting this emitted energy prevents crystal growth by controlling the interaction between ions and
charged conglomerates in a given solution. This technology is proven to prevent loss of delivery
output power and extends the life and performance of lead-acid batteries.
Crystal Control Technology©
The exploitation of these properties has led to a method for to increase the growth of new lead dioxide
crystals on the positive electrode during the charging process, while reducing the growth of large lead
sulphate crystals.

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