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Deluxe Telescopic Shoe Horn

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Deluxe Telescopic Shoe Horn
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Deluxe Telescopic Shoe Horn from ABC Mobility

These attractive patterned telescopic shoehorns are made from light but strong aluminium. The two sections slide within each other, and with a twist, they lock to form a rigid shoehorn. They are specifically designed to assist those who have difficulty bending, or following hip surgery etc.

They are available in the two attractive patterns.

Length: adjustable from 20 to 28 (50cm to 70cm).
Weight: 150g.

Comes in a variety of colour's including:
Floral Red, China Blue.

These small aids are made by Kozee Komfort, see more small aids.

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Deluxe Telescopic Shoe Horn from ABC Mobility - Mobility Aids in Birmingham