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Mini Skoota Kape

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Mini Skoota Kape
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Mini Skoota Kape from ABC Mobility

The tailored front allows the cover to be used with either 3 or 4 - wheeled scooters, and the clear front improves safety by allowing your lights and indicators to be seen whilst being protected. The back panel goes over the back of the scooter protecting anything in your Back Sak. This cover encapsulates the scooter providing a totally dry environment for you and the controls. The snug fitting pack - away hood ensures that your only exposed part has maximum protection.

The Mini Skoota Kape is designed to fit the new generation of mini-scooters.

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Comes in a variety of colour's including:
Royal Blue, Grey, Maroon.

These scooter clothing are made by Kozee Komfort, see more scooter clothing.

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Mini Skoota Kape from ABC Mobility - Mobility Aids in Birmingham