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Prectective Coverall With Sleeves

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Prectective Coverall With Sleeves
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Prectective Coverall With Sleeves from ABC Mobility

Overall protection
There are many features that make the Koverall with Sleeves, the ideal garment to provide head to toe protection. The soft elasticated cuffs comfortably ensure that there is no chaffing on gentle skin, the neckline zip means it can be put on or taken off with ease and the snug fitting hood ensures top to toe protection.

A security pouch that doubles as a storage bag
There is a security pouch on the front of the garment that can be used for those bits and pieces. It also cleverly doubles as a storage bag for the Koverall, ensuring that it remains tidy until required.

The Koverall with sleeves is the perfect garment for those who require a high degree of independence or wish to propel themselves.

Small-Height up to 4`10" (147cm)
Medium-Height 4`10" to 54 (162cm)
Large-Height up to 6` (183cm)

It is available in a choice of Royal Blue, Grey or Maroon.

Comes in a variety of colour's including:
Royal Blue, Grey, Maroon and in a variety of size's including: Small, Medium, Large.

These wheelchair clothing are made by Kozee Komfort, see more wheelchair clothing.

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Prectective Coverall With Sleeves from ABC Mobility - Mobility Aids in Birmingham