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Rascal Soft Top Canopies By Sheerlines

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Rascal Soft Top Canopies By Sheerlines
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Rascal Soft Top Canopies By Sheerlines from ABC Mobility

Benefits of Canopies
Canopies provide two really important benefits: Clearly the rain is kept on the outside, but the other major benefit is to reduce the effect of the cold wind when driving. Remember that the wind effect is much greater if driving at 3-4 miles per hour into a headwind, particularly for those with asthma and other breathing difficulties. A canopy can be added relatively cheaply to most medium and larger scooters, and will give scooter users much greater comfort and flexibility . With a canopy your scooter really can be used in most weather conditions .

Comes in a variety of rascal's including:
S113/Rascal Chauffer, S115/Rascal 245 3 Wheeler, S116/Rascal 310 & 315, S117/Rascal 300 & 305, S118/Rascal 302LE & 309LE, S119/Rascal 325, S120/Rascal 329LE, S120a/Rascal 329LE (new version 2008), S121/Rascal 388/888/388XL, S121a/Rascal 600/625 Range, S121b/Rascal 889, S121c/Rascal 850 (based on Cadiz), S121d/Rascal 650/450, S029/Days TE778N Sunrunner Major 3 Wheel.

These scooter accessories are made by Sheerline, see more scooter accessories.

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Rascal Soft Top Canopies By Sheerlines from ABC Mobility - Mobility Aids in Birmingham