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Sleevce Aid
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Sleevce Aid from ABC Mobility

In June of 2010 a bricklayer called Paul Day, incurred a severe shoulder injury whilst working on scaffolding. The dislocation of his shoulder resulted in considerable damage to the nerves in the brachial plexus, sadly this resulted in his left arm being paralysed. Following an operation and a protracted stay in hospital, this practical chap filled his time with addressing his problems and those of others that he had witnessed.

By this time it was approaching winter and all the other patients including some stroke patients were struggling to pull on jumpers and fleeces. His deliberations led him to the conclusion that many stroke victims must also have the same daily struggle of trying to manoeuvre flaccid fingers, wrists and even arms through sleeves of various clothes. This is a massive hurdle to many people throughout the UK.

During his recovery he tried various aids from plastic bags to lengths of bandage tied round the wrist, to ease the process of dressing. After several sheets of paper a few ‘toilet rolls and lemonade bottles’, an item closely related to the SleeveAID was born.

Paul approached us with his idea, and his passion is infectious, to such a degree that we had to get this product to market. We have worked with Paul through design and production of the mould, to inspection and checking of the production samples. We are pleased to market this patented SleeveAID, the revolution in dressing aids for stroke victims or anyone with any type of arm paralysis. Although the concept is simple, the difference that it makes is amazing. Depending on your degree of personal dexterity, this will either simply improve dressing, or revolutionise the process.

Without it, your wrist will double back on itself whilst trying to force it down your sleeve, making it difficult, possibly painful and the risk of compounding any damage that has already occurred.

With it, your wrist and arm becomes a single unit again, mimicking the muscles that would enable your arm to pass through the sleeve normally.

1. The SleeveAID has been designed to assist in the dressing process. It will help with assisted dressing and is a tremendous help with self dressing, increasing confidence and independence. Simply place the SleeveAID gently over the flaccid hand/wrist to offer support.

2. This can be used with any type of sleeved clothing from pyjamas or cardigans to outdoor clothes. Insert the supported arm into the mouth of the sleeve, the conical shape will help its passage through the sleeve.

3. The smooth surface of the SleeveAID will allow the arm to pass easily through the sleeve. It will deliver the hand to the cuff of the article of clothing, with the minimum of pressure.

4. Depending upon the tightness of the cuff, the arm and SleeveAID may be able to pass through the cuff. Otherwise, the hand will be delivered to the cuff, where the SleeveAID may be withdraw, allowing the hand to be eased though the restrictive cuff.

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