Wheelchair Accessories

You will never have too many bags, bags and straps, but you have everything you need when shopping at
This lightweight, durable wheelchair carrier protects your chair and your wheelchair components while traveling. Sportaid offers easy-to-use sliding brakes and scissors to maximize comfort. You can also install a wheelchair carrier at home for maximum comfort, or on the go for a more comfortable ride.
America’s Mobility Van Dealer is committed to providing high-quality, low-cost mobility equipment and services to meet the needs of our customers at a price they can afford. AMS Vans have all the mobility equipment you need when it’s time to improve the performance and comfort of your wheelchair-accessible van. We offer a wide range of products that not only improve your mobility and freedom, but also help you make the most of your life.
Some people need wheelchair accessories in order to use their mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility aids properly and safely.
A harness, seat belts and other restraint systems can help people who have difficulty sitting upright. Anti-tilting parts can also be added to wheelchairs to improve stability and make wheelchair operation and transfer to and from the seat safer.
Some other wheelchairs have built in dressers for those who cannot use traditional toilets. Wheelchair accessories are essential to help wheelchair users adapt to normal living conditions and perform daily tasks with ease. Over time, parts of a wheelchair can wear out due to frequent use or cause problems for the user.
Other accessories include a bag in which small items such as food, water, clothing, toiletries and other items can be stored for the user.
The Wheelchair Coaster is a large retinal hood attached to the wheelchair and large enough to hold books, parcels and other items. It is suitable for most scooters and electric chairs and has large privacy compartments to keep them handy and has a carrying handle for use as a portable bag.
The foot-friendly cushion protects feet and legs while sitting with a supporting footrest. Get the extra support you need to stay comfortable on the seat with this cushion. Footrests and footplate provide additional comfort.
We offer a wide range of products that can be attached to your chair to maintain accessibility with easy positioning. With its manufactured wheelchair backrest, it is perfect for your craft projects in an easily accessible location.
This versatile luggage rack also features a D & E cylinder to accommodate your wheelchair and a removable backrest for easy access to your chair.
The wheelchair package has adjustable buckles and straps that slide into the handle of your wheelchair for easy attachment. Put a large pack of deep pockets in the wheelchair and use it to carry with you or as hand luggage – for those who simply cannot do without it. The Blind Wheelchair Pack is attached to the back of the wheelchairs at home, in the office or even in the car for an easy and safe storage solution.
Sitting in a wheelchair all day may be uncomfortable and can literally be painful, but with gel foam cushions you can find pressure relief. The arm protectors in your wheelchair cushion the rubbing of the skin against the armrest. So for a more pleasant experience, forget the sheepskin cushions that cover your armrests and forget to cover your arms with a sheepskin cushion.
In fact, sheepskin cushions have the advantage of comfort and help long-term wheelchair users avoid pressure points that can develop. A wheelchair slot is a great way to keep busy even when a wheelchair is required, and a good option for those who can’t or don’t want to.
If you have work to do or a project to do, a tray on your manual or electric wheelchair can make everything a bit easier. Desk and table mountings make it easy for people with reduced mobility to write, eat, use the computer, and perform other tasks without leaving their chair.
Available in five chic patterns, wheelchair bags have a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles as well as different sizes. They can be attached to the back seat and filled with personal items such as a smartphone or wallet for an outing. The bags can also make it easier for wheelchair users to carry items to and from home.
HelenBudniatsky on Etsy has made several wheelchair bags, including a hanging bag – on request for the seat. Apart from practical accessibility, this seating option helps to prevent theft and pickpocketing. It can be easily fastened to the backrest of the chair with two hooks, loops and straps and can be attached to each chair in different colors and sizes.
Wheelchair back, wheelchair back gear is also perfect for craft projects in an easily accessible place where you can have them.